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About our company was born out of a simple realization: Conducting a health and safety risk assessment for one's company is often a daunting task for small business owners. Between a lack of information and the challenges that arise when you're not an expert in the field of safety, it's difficult to conduct a relevant health and safety risk assessment, and therefore, to implement effective preventive measures in your company.

That's why we created a simple, affordable way to obtain a relevant health and safety risk assessment for your field of activity. This way, you'll know the health and safety risks you face and how to protect against them, which will enable you to both comply with your regulatory obligations as an employer and provide a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

How Did come to be?

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Thony Maufay
Founder of the Company

Holding a Master's degree in Health and Safety, Hygiene, and Environmental Management, the idea for this business came to me during my end-of-studies internship in France. I was working for an auto repair shop where I was responsible for developing the health and safety risk assessment*. During this internship, we had a visit from the labor inspectorate. The company I was working for, as well as all the nearby small businesses, were out of compliance with the regulations concerning health and safety risk assessments. This was either because they were unaware of the regulations or because they didn't even know where to start to create such a document. The idea of creating an affordable, ready-to-use solution was born from this situation. Two years later, the website was launched.

*The summary of this work is available here.

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