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Examples of Completed
Health and Safety Risk Assessments

When one has to create a health and safety risk assessment document for a company, they often don't know what it should look like. Yet, having an idea in mind of the final result that needs to be achieved is an important aspect of creating any risk assessment document. On this page, you will find examples of completed risk assessment documents, directly available on our website in our download section, which will give you an idea of the final outcome to aim for.

Example of a comprehensive health and safety risk assessment for a carpenter with the various pages that make it up: cover page, company information page, risk assessment methodology page, occupational risk assessment page, and risk prevention schedule page.

Example of a completed health and safety risk assessment document for the construction sector.

Our first filled-out health and safety risk assessment example pertains to the construction industry: Building and Public Works. As in all our filled-out risk assessments, risks are ranked based on two main criteria: on the one hand, their work unit and on the other hand, their criticality indices (from most critical to least critical).

In this document, risks are categorized into four different work units: risks related to work on construction sites, risks related to client interaction, risks related to road travel, especially between the company and the construction sites, and finally, risks associated with company management (which corresponds to secretarial and administrative tasks).

Within these four work units, no fewer than 37 risk situations are detailed. A significant portion of the hazards listed in these documents relate to physical risks, notably those associated with lifting heavy loads (manual handling) and challenging postures (working on one's knees, bending forward, etc.) which result in many Musculoskeletal Disorders, debilitating in the long term and recognized as an occupational disease.

Example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment for restaurant.

Another example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment, this time in an industry particularly prominent: the restaurant business

In this assessment, the evaluation of risks centers around the main job positions commonly found in the restaurant sector: work in the kitchen, service in the dining room, and cleaning of the premises.

In addition to these three main work units, there are ancillary work units concerning: road travel, the restaurant's work environment (risks related to noise, high temperatures, etc.), and the work premises (including risks related to fire starts, fires, as well as risks of electrification and electrocution).

Example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment for a car garage.

New example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment, this time tailored for auto repair garages. This document gives significant attention to chemical risks due to the variety of consumables and manufactured products used in the profession, in addition to daily exposure to exhaust fumes.

To avoid redundancy with many similar dangers, risks, and preventive measures, we chose not to segment work units by types of tasks (e.g., oil changes, tire replacements, etc.) as is sometimes done.

Instead, our division of work units follows a geographical area logic, with risks specific to the workshop area, risks concerning the secretarial - customer area, and finally risks outside the garage, especially concerning breakdown services.

The advantage of this division is that it avoids repetition from one work unit to another, resulting in a concise health and safety risk assessment that's clear, pleasant to read, and most importantly, easy and quick to update when needed.

Example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment for secretarial work.

Second to last example of a filled-out health and safety risk assessment, which is a bit unique, as it specifically pertains to a particular job role within the company: secretary.

In general, this health and safety risk assessment document covers the main hazards commonly found in administrative job roles, often referred to as "office work".

These various job roles often face the same risks, as they are mostly performed in similar work environments: prolonged sitting almost seven hours a day, leading to significant sedentary problems with both short-term and long-term risks, and extended exposure to computer screens on a daily basis, especially as more and more of our everyday documents are becoming digitalized.

Example of a completed health and safety risk assessment document for remote work.

Last example of a completed health and safety risk assessment document, addressing a very unique case. It concerns a work organization format that became increasingly popular following the coronavirus pandemic: remote work. This assessment primarily pertains to employees who typically perform 'office work,' but from home.

Assessing risks for remote work is by far the most complex task when creating such a document. Indeed, when evaluating risks in a traditional work environment, things are relatively straightforward since all employees share the same workspace and equipment.

With remote work, each employee has their unique workspace, leading to varied risks (e.g., the risk associated with prolonged sitting and backaches varies between someone with an ergonomic office chair at home and another employee using a chair not suited to their body type). Moreover, implementing preventive measures becomes intricate since they don't apply within a company's premises but directly at an employee's home, where the employer has limited control and influence.

Beyond these technicalities, the main hazards tied to remote work are psychosocial risks. These are often exacerbated by a sense of isolation, where human interactions become more indirect. This shift can lead to misunderstandings, fostering potential conflicts.

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