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*Please call us to discuss your business and your needs before booking the creation of your custom risk assessment.*


Are you managing a company and:

Prefer a custom and adaptable risk assessment?

Can't find an risk assessment suitable for your industry?

Want to entrust the creation of your risk assessment to an expert?


We carry out your Health and Safety Risk Assessment in four steps:

→ Mail/chat audit to define your work units and risks.

→ Summary of data by email for approval before drafting the risk assessment.

→ Drafting of the risk assessment with Excel followed by email to client for review.

→ Client feedback with potential corrections on a final version.


Cost of creating a risk assessment: Starting from €489 for a workforce of 1 to 5 employees. €889 for a company employing between 6 and 10 employees, €1189 for a company employing between 11 to 30 employees, and €2089 for a company with 31 to 50 employees.


Time to create a risk assessment: from 2 days to 2 weeks (varies from one company to another depending on the number of work units, the number of risks to address, the job specificity, the variety of processes/machines/tools used by the company).




Excel file of 5 pages:

  • An illustration page with the name and logo of your company.
  • A page with information about your company.
  • A summary page of laws related to occupational risk assessment.
  • A page assessing occupational risks for your company.
  • A calendar for occupational risk prevention (optional).




Is the Health and Safety Risk Assessment mandatory? Yes, as stated by The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999 - Regulation 6: "Every employer shall ensure that his employees are provided with such health surveillance as is appropriate having regard to the risks to their health and safety which are identified by the assessment."


What is the actual purpose of this risk assessment? To conduct a complete safety assessment in your company. In this document, we will list various risk situations (hazards) each of your employees is exposed to based on: the machines and tools they use, postures they adopt, tasks they perform, thermal environments they work in, psychosocial risks they face, and much more, across the 6 main categories of occupational risks: Physical Risks, Chemical Risks, Psychosocial Risks, Road Risks, Fire/Explosion Risks, Biological Risks.


How do you evaluate each hazard/risk? Each risk situation will be assessed through four parameters: Occurrence, Exposure, Severity, Control. All these criteria will help define a coefficient to rank the risks from most to least critical. The goal is to identify priority risks and implement preventive measures for them first.


What do you do for the prevention of these health and safety risks? We will provide a list of preventive measures for each hazard, giving you the best solutions to reduce occupational risks in your organization. We will also include an implementation calendar so you can decide which measure to implement and when.


What are the benefits for the company? Besides meeting the "obligation of result in safety" for the employer, implementing these risk prevention measures will reduce workplace accidents and therefore the number of lost workdays. This can increase the company's overall productivity and, importantly, reduce staff turnover, as employees increasingly value their working conditions!

Can this document be modified or updated later? Absolutely. Whether it's the document's illustration, company information, listed hazards/risks, risk assessment method, prevention calendar, in short: everything! Your document will not be locked; everything is easily editable thanks to the Excel format, allowing you to modify your document. If you don't have Excel, we offer a free equivalent software that works on all computers (Mac/Windows/Linux).




☑ Complies with the employer's obligation to assess risks

(Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999)

☑ Adheres to the General Principles of Prevention

(Schedule 1 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999)

☑ Takes into account good practice and pitfalls in risk assessment

(Report RR151 from the Health and Safety Executive)




_ We're registered as Professional Risk Prevention Consultants.

_ Our team comprises graduate safety engineers.

_ Our documents are routinely checked by safety inspectors.

_ Our documents are updated to keep pace with changes in the law.

_ We have helped over 1000 companies get a compliant ORA.

_ Our expertise covers more than 100 industries.

_ We work for small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world.

Custom-made Risk Assessment

  • | Tailored specifically for your company

    | Evolving Excel document: no PDF

    | Possibility of future updates at no cost

    | No subscription, no commitment

    | Compliance: adheres to regulations

    | Adaptable: editable and updatable as needed

    | Convenient: printable on paper for archiving

  • | Risk assessment consulting firm

    | Covering over 100 industry sectors

    | Over 1,000 clients worldwide

    | Nearly 100% satisfaction rate

    | Attentive to your challenges

    | We support through: Email - Live Chat

    | Always available, even after purchase

average rating is 4.1 out of 5, based on 19 votes, (Évaluations Clients)

Recommendation Nathalie Choux

Garage des Loges

Jean Claude Parmentier

"The document, of high quality and customizable, is an excellent starting point for a topic that often takes up a lot of time. Thank you also for listening to our needs and the customer follow-up!"

"High-quality service at a very competitive price - the company fully adapted to my business and its multiple risks. This document was also reviewed by the labor inspection, which approved the quality of the work. I recommend."

I recommend the occupational risk assessment documents for their ease of use (Excel workbook) and the relevance of risks listed by profession.

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