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Practicality: An "Occupational Risk Assessment" tab / a "Risk Prevention Schedule" tab.

Simplicity: Dropdown lists with multiple choices to assess your risks.

Speed: Automatic calculation of the criticality index for each of your risks.

Optimization: Digital document ready for A4 printing.


Our excel occupational risk assessment template allows "Every employer [to] make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work" (Regulation 3 - Management of Health and Safety at Work 1999).




Should I necessarily conduct a risk assessment for my company?

As an employer of one or more employees, you are required to carry out the development of a risk assessment for your business's employees. According to The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 3, "Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees."


What is the purpose of a risk assessment document?

The aim is to compile in a single document, which is both practical and quick to complete:

_ The collection of all the hazards present within the company.

_ The health risks each hazard can cause.

_ An objective assessment of the danger using various criteria.

_ The different risk prevention measures that can be adopted.

_ The implementation dates in the company for these various prevention measures.


How can this excel risk assessment template help me?

Our excel risk assessment template is incredibly user-friendly and extraordinarily quick to complete. The Excel format of this document has allowed us to automate our occupational risk assessment method, through the implementation of numerous drop-down lists with multiple choices. No need to pull out the calculator for your risk assessment, the spreadsheet does it for you.


How do I complete this excel risk assessment template?

This excel risk assessment template is presented in the form of a table with 13 columns, of which only 6 need to be filled out manually. Here's the complete list:


  • Work Unit: It's a legal requirement to group risks by work unit. The simplest breakdown we recommend is to group risks by profession (e.g., for catering: waiter, chef, bartender).


  • Risk Category: Is it a physical risk, psychosocial risk, road risk, biological risk, electrical risk, or fire/explosion risk?


  • Hazard Source: This is where you describe your occupational hazard. (e.g.: fall from height, risk of burnout, risk of a road accident, risk of infection, risk of electrocution, fire risk).


  • Why?: Briefly describe why employees are likely to be exposed to this risk. (e.g.: waiters are likely to have same-level falls during their service because they make many trips carrying loads).


  • When?: Describe if there's a specific time of the year or time of day when the risk is particularly present. (e.g.: waiters are more likely to fall during rush periods at noon and evening, especially if it's raining outside and the floor is wet). If the risk is present all year round without any particular period, also mention that.


  • Potential Risks: What are the potential damages caused by this risk to the employees? (e.g.: fracture, burnout, collisions with another vehicle and injury, contracting a disease, death by electrocution, burns, etc.)


  • Likelihood: From the drop-down lists, select if the risk is Highly Likely, Likely, Possible, or Almost Impossible.


  • Exposure: From the drop-down lists, select if exposure occurs: once a day, once a week, or once a month.


  • Severity: From the drop-down lists, select the severity of the risk. Does the risk mainly lead to: Death, Irreversible Effect, Work Stoppage, no work stoppage?


  • Control: From the drop-down lists, select the degree of risk control. Do you judge it as: Well Controlled, Controlled, Partially Controlled, Not Controlled At All?


  • Risk Rating: Based on your choices from the drop-down lists, the spreadsheet will automatically provide a calculated index. The higher this index, the greater the risk to your company's employees. This allows you to quickly gauge the significance of different occupational hazards.


  • Risk Level: Based on your choices from the drop-down lists, the spreadsheet will automatically assign a risk level. There are 4 levels: Level 1 is a risk acceptable as it is. Level 2 indicates a correction in the future. Level 3 requires a correction soon. Level 4 requires immediate correction. These levels allow you to quickly identify priority risks.


  • How to Reduce Risk: These are the measures to implement to reduce the risk's criticality and improve working conditions. We recommend you follow the principles of risk prevention: find out how to eliminate the risk, or alternatively, how to reduce these risks through collective prevention, then how to reduce these risks through individual prevention, and finally, how to reduce these risks through professional training.


How long is my risk assessment document valid for?

Two scenarios should trigger an update of the occupational risk assessment in your company: the employer becoming aware of new information about a risk, or changes in the company's working conditions: machine/tool/process, etc.

Excel Risk Assessment Template

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"High-quality service at a very competitive price - the company fully adapted to my business and its multiple risks. This document was also reviewed by the labor inspection, which approved the quality of the work. I recommend."

I recommend the occupational risk assessment documents for their ease of use (Excel workbook) and the relevance of risks listed by profession.

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